Visitor Guide

Brief History


In 1922, the land presently known as Rising Wolf Ranch was granted in a patent to the Flower family. The Flower family sold the property to New York Banking Executives, Davis and Neary. They used timber from the property to build the main lodge, horse barn, and several other buildings. In 1927, they began operating as Rising Wolf Ranch complete with horses, fishing, hunting expeditions, a polo field, and  rodeo activities. A few of the original buildings still stand including the lodge, the ice house, and the laundry house.

Other Owners

In 1946, the Pierce family became the third owners and were followed by the Haines family in 1959. The Haines family used the property to run a French language summer camp for Concordia College. In 1964, a massive flood destroyed several buildings. Fortunately, the lodge survived, but the raging waters destroyed its foundation.  Another original building, the Ghost House, was severely damaged but still stands and can be seen towards the rear of the property. Tom Dunkle purchased Rising Wolf from the Haines family in 1976 and used it as a personal getaway.

The Stewarts

Our family became the 6th owners of the property in 1990. We put the Lodge back on its foundation and used an old train flatbed to build the bridge that you crossed on your drive in. Some of our first guests were young men working to overcome substance abuse through The Wilderness Treatment Center, owned and operated by our good friend John Brekke. In the early 90s, friends began asking if they could use  the ranch for family reunions. Guests had such a great time at Rising Wolf that we decided to share the experience with others. Currently, the property hosts guests from June to September for week-long stays.

Comfort and Convenience

Cell Phone and Internet Usage

Rising Wolf Ranch is in an undeveloped area allowing guests to experience the beauty of nature. We highly encourage you to limit your use of technology, as this tends to give guests the best experience. However, Wi-Fi is now available for limited business use. Please talk to a staff member if you need a Wi-Fi connection, and we can explain further. There are a few areas where some cell phones (Verizon and T-Mobile) may get service. The barrel table in the lodge has a 3G booster which increases cell reception. The green barn along our road and the top of the road by the highway also offers cell reception.  Additionally, there is a landline that you are welcome to use. 

Meal Time

Meals are served buffet style in the Lodge dining room. The time of each meal is chosen by you and your group. The old fashioned dinner bell outside of the lodge is used to signal when each meal is ready and it is time to eat.  After you have eaten, it is helpful for you to scrape your plate into the trash can and leave any dishes by the sink for our staff to clean. Unfortunately, we are unable to recycle, so please place your recyclables in the garbage.


Rising Wolf Ranch uses a septic system for wastewater so the plumbing is sensitive. It is a great help if you can limit the amount of toilet paper you use and ensure that absolutely NO feminine products are flushed down the toilet. It is also important to remember that you are sharing hot water with others in your building, so please be courteous when showering. Each guest receives 1 towel bundle. Additional towels can be given upon request.

Heating and Cooling

Guests are welcome to enjoy the fireplaces and the central heating in the Ranch House which is controlled by a thermostat located near the bathrooms. Additionally, most of the bedrooms have an electric baseboard heater. The best way to use the heaters is to turn the knob until you hear the heater click on. They can overheat so avoid turning it all the way up. PLEASE be sure to turn the heaters off and secure the fireplaces when leaving for the day.

On hotter days, the bedrooms can get warm. We suggest opening the windows in the evening and closing the windows and drapes in the morning to keep your room cool. Box fans are also available.


Rising Wolf Ranch clothing and mugs are available for purchase in the lodge dining room.  Feel free to ask the staff if you do not see your size; we may have more stored away. We accept cash or checks.


Inside Activities

The Ranch has shelves filled with games, crafts, books, puzzles, movies, CDs, and vinyl records. All of these are available for your use and enjoyment. Please take care when using the records and put them back in the correct sleeve after use. The Ranch House offers satellite TV, ,additional books and movies. We also offer karaoke! The staff can help to set this up at your request.

Outdoor Activities

We highly encourage outdoor play! We offer volleyball, corn hole, and a variety of sports equipment. There are a few short hikes/ walks on the property. Ask a staff member for more information.

An outdoor fire pit is available by the river for your use if conditions permit. Always ask the staff if it is safe to have a fire, and be sure to put it out completely at the end of the night. 

With staff permission, catch and release fishing is allowed in the river. Montana State fishing licenses are available at the General Store in East Glacier.  Only artificial bait and single barbless hooks are allowed. 

Off-Site Activities

In the dining room, there are tables and shelves with books and maps to help inform you of the activities in Glacier National Park. Ask our staff for suggestions on activities such as hikes, rafting, park adventures, scenic views and our favorite local spots .

We would also like to honor the presence of the Blackfeet Indians in this area. We highly recommend a trip to the Museum of the Plains Indian in Browning!

Other Information

Animal Safety

The animals that wander onto our property are typically not dangerous. However, bears and moose occasionally wander onto our property.  If an animal is spotted, enjoy it from a safe distance and be respectful of the animal by backing away slowly. Do not run away or make sudden movements as it may cause them to charge. It is safest to stay in groups and not wander off by yourself. We recommend not hiking alone. You should also carry bear spray on any adventures.

Water Source

The tap water at the Ranch comes directly from an artesian well drilled on the property and is drinking quality! Fill your cup at any tap and enjoy our beautiful mountain water. We will also fill water jugs in the Lodge dining room for your convenience.


Rising Wolf Ranch is in the Rocky Mountain Range and at an elevation of about 5000 feet. Please make sure you drink extra water to avoid altitude sickness. We are also close to the Continental Divide. You may notice the rivers change direction while driving around the area! 

Ranch Departure

Linens and Towels

The staff have a short period of time to prepare the Ranch for the next group. It is helpful for you to strip your bed before departure. Simply put the sheets in a pillowcase and leave it in the hallway. You can leave the comforter, blanket, mattress pad, and shams on the bed. Towels can be placed in a pile in the hallway for staff collection.


Gratuity is not required, but it is a great way to show appreciation for our staff and the extra effort that they put into making your stay enjoyable.

Thank you!

The staff and owner of Rising Wolf Ranch hope you enjoy your stay with us.  Half of our bookings come from referrals, so please share your suggestions with us so we can make your stay even better.  We are excited to share a bit of our home with you!