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  Rising Wolf Ranch is leased by the week.  However, smaller groups are welcome when space is available.
  Basic rates for one week are based on the size of your group and the season.  Please call for prices.
  Minimum charge for one week: $3000.00  - June 15th through August
  Maximum charge for one week: $4000.00 (30 people)  - June 15th through August
  Reduced rates are available in early June and September
  Short visits/small groups are $60.00 per day for adults, including meals.  Children are 1/2 price and no charge for infants.
  A full-time cook and caretaker are present at all times.  If your group would like a cook, the charge is approximately $150.00 per day plus groceries.  Adults $22.00 per day, children ages 5-10 are 1/2 price and children under 5 are free.
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